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Pastor Ray and Carol Keen
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Keen Insights
Keen Insights --is an online ministry..providing a weekly
message, prayer requests, and
twice a week 'pick-me-ups'
that are called "For Today".
These are by subscription only.
Subscription is free. Just e-mail
and request to be subscribed.
We do not spam mail. We 
mail only  to those who are
 on our subscription list.

Scheduling for our ministry:
set a date or dates, contact us at
the following e-mail address:
Personal e-mail for Pastor Ray Keen: YourHeartTouch@aol.com
Personal e-mail for Rev. Carol Keen: TugAtTheHeart@aol.com.
Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever!

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule ministry. We are available to churches of all faiths and denominations. Salvation, Faith Living and Life in Christ principles are all that we minister. We are the ministry for your church or organization. Contact us today at YourHeartTouch@aol.com.